Chapel Hill and Durham’s Nicest Boarding Kennel

Check out our beautiful new indoor activity room! Boarders can romp and play, rain or shine. This is also where we do much of our obedience training.

If you’re a dog owner in Chapel Hill or Durham and you’re looking for a clean, safe, and pleasant place to board your dog, you’ve come to the right place. Your dog will love our small, intimate facility and caring staff.

You’ll love the fact that we’re conveniently located just off I-40. We are less than 20 minutes from downtown Durham and downtown Chapel Hill.

Our building has a state of the art kennel room and a 1,000 square foot training room. Outside we have four separate exercise and play areas scattered around our five acre campus on New Hope Creek.

This is our new, state of the art boarding area. Unlike most kennels, our boarding area is light, airy and spacious. Your dog is going to like this!

Our five acre campus is on New Hope Creek and provides a variety of outdoor areas for your dog to enjoy.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and fun place for caring pet owners to leave their dogs when boarding is required. Additionally, we have designed our kennel and our policies so that the stress from being boarded is kept to a minimum. Many of our customers comment on how relaxed and “normal” their dogs are after staying with us.

Boarding Rates

Overnight Boarding

Each guest is taken outside for a “potty break” 4 times per day. Meals are included, or if you prefer, you can bring your own food. There is no extra charge for giving medications.

Our price structure is very easy to understand. Simply stated, we charge by the night. Pick up your dog at 8 am or 5 pm — your cost remains the same.

$35 per night
Second or third dog in the same run
For multiple dog families, we’re happy to offer a discounted rate for the second and even the third dog, as long as they are boarded in the same run.
$25 per night
Monthly Boarding Rate
28 Days or longer.
$30 per night

Activity Package

This is a one-on-one opportunity for your dog to spend extra time with one of our caring staff members. Usually this “special time” is spent on nature walks along New Hope Creek.

These walks are in addition to the normal “outs” that each guest gets. With this program, dogs get two walks per day. Each walk lasts 10 minutes.

$15 per day


Baths $15 to $50

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8am – 12pm and 4pm – 6pm
8am to 10am (Open for pick ups and drop offs only)
4pm to 6pm (Open for pick ups and drop offs only)
Closed On Federal Holidays


All guests must be up to date on all of their inoculations. This includes DHLP-P, Bordetella and Rabies. Guests must provide written veterinary records on or before their first visit.


If you bring your dogs own food, you must package the food in portioned zip lock baggies. Each baggie should contain one day’s worth of food. We will divide each baggie into a morning and afternoon meal. Your dog’s name and your last name should be clearly marked on each bag.