Trainer and Handler of the Durham Bulls Canine Mascots from 2002 through 2016

Lonsway with Bulls mascots Lucky The Wonderdog and Wool E. BullGene Lonsway and his dogs worked with the Durham Bulls baseball team from 2002 through the 2016 season. Over the years, four of his dogs worked with the Bulls.

Two Labrador Retrievers, Lucky The Wonderdog and Lucky Junior, along with two Border Collies, Ace and his brother Deuce, have all performed at the DBAP.

Lonsway and his dogs appeared at the DBAP over 300 times. They performed a number of different tricks on the field. The most popular, and one that all the dogs have known, is running the bases at the end of a Durham Bulls victory.

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Lucky The Wonderdog touching 2nd base at the DBAP

Ace and Deuce

Lucky Junior